Lash artists love their clients, and we take great pride and care in giving the best possible lash application.  Most clients listen to and follow their aftercare instructions and are dedicated to doing their part to maintain their lashes. But, there are some things that make your lash stylist want to lose her mind!  It’s only frustrating because we want the best for your lashes.

  1. Be on time. 15 minutes in the lash world is huge. It equals more lashing time and more eyelash extensions for the client. Typically, we can apply about 4 extensions a minute. So 15 minutes’ equals 60 lashes! It also stresses out your stylist, who takes pride in her work.  Being rushed to produce great work is stressful.

  1. Come in with clean eyes and lashes (NO MAKEUP, NO EYE CRUSTIES) for your touch up.  When your lashes are dirty or have old make up or mascara on them, adhesion of the fresh eyelash extension is compromised and retention will not be good. When the majority of your lashes fall off by the time your next touch up rolls around, you and your stylist will not be happy. So wash your lashes extra well with your foaming cleanser and lash brush right before your appointment.   If you wait to clean them at your appointment, you lose valuable lashing time. See point number 1 again.

  1. Your lash appointment is a NO PHONE ZONE.  You would be surprised how many clients will keep their phone right next to them on the treatment table and then ask their stylist to answer it for them when it rings!  It’s impossible to attempt to look at your phone through eye pads and tape while the fumes from the uncured adhesive make your eyes water. Great extensions require a tremendous amount of focus on the part of the stylist and answering your phone is very distracting. Do yourself a favor and commit to relaxing during the treatment and turn your phone on silent and leave it in your purse.

  1. Clean lashes regularly and properly in between fills.  At iCandy we supply you with the tools you need to clean your eyelash extensions correctly as well as instructions written and oral. Why is it so important to clean your lashes? Because even if you don’t wear eye makeup, natural oils from your skin mix with shedding skin cells that will accumulate on your lash line. If not cleaned properly, you will start to get a greasy looking, yellowish film on your lash line. This “film,” if still present when you get your touch up, will interfere with the lash extension adhering seamlessly to the natural lash. Other gross effects of not cleaning your lashes include developing “blepharitis”, a fancy name for eyelid dandruff. This dandruff is also yummy food for lash mites. Grossed out yet? Some clients worry that if they touch their lashes too much they will fall off. This is not true. Once applied, lashes are adhered so well that only pulling them out would cause them to come off. Trust me, they are stuck on there very well and washing them will only help them stay longer.


So that’s it.  4 things you can do to be the best client ever and have gorgeous lashes, and a great relationship with your lash stylist.