I had a client come in the other day and say, “I’m just so used to my extensions now, I wish I could get just a little more drama, I feel like no one notices my lashes.”

I was surprised by this considering she was already wearing a long Volume lash look. She has very deep set eyes so I correct this with a longer length and a design to bring her eyes forward. When I finish with her touch up I always think they look great.

After checking out, she used the vanity area to apply some makeup before she went on an errand. I noticed she applied a heavy dark shadow and liner on her upper and lower lids. Her lashes literally disappeared into the darkness of the makeup. You couldn’t see them at all!  All the correction from the lash extensions were gone and her eyes looked more sunken than ever. Oh no, I thought. It was all wrong! She needs to know.

So I collaborated with Rockstar MakeUp owner, Marie Leszczak, and here are our tips for you to make the most out of your fabulous lash extensions and create a younger, brighter look for yourself.

  1. Skip heavy, thick liner and dark shadows.

As we age, we need to stay away from “hard” and “heavy” looking make up. Thick black lines and too dark shadows will make us look old and tired. If you have a great lash stylist, she will do a correction with your extension design to make your eyes appear brighter and more awake. Dark liner and shadows will erase this correction. If you choose to line your eyes, keep it very thin and close to the base of the upper lid only or skip it altogether.

  1. Create a contrast to make your lashes pop.

This can be done quickly and easily with a light cream to powder shadow applied across the entire lid. It will make the dark lashes pop and will cover discoloration and blood vessels giving you a fresh, more awake look. My favorite product to use for this is a Mac paint pot, either in the color Soft Ochre (yellow based) or Painterly (neutral).

  1. Get a great concealer.

A good concealer can do wonders for the eye area. Choose a concealer specifically made for the under eye area. Concealers that are designed to cover pimples tend to look dry and tight under the eye which make it look older. A creamier formula works best for the delicate under eye area. Opt for something in a salmon color, this neutralizes dark circles. Going too light under the eye can look unnatural or grey.

  1. Lighten up your inner corners

This is one of my favorite tricks to add a little glamour to mature eyes. Apply a little pop of white shadow in your very inner corners. Makes you look bright eyed and bushy tailed. How to: with your finger apply to the inner corner a little base of NYX shadow pencil in the color Milk. On top of this, apply with a flat brush your favorite shimmery white shadow. My favorite is Mac vanilla.

  1. Don’t skip the eyebrows!

Great eyebrows and great lashes are a marriage made in heaven. Yet many of my clients sadly ignore their eyebrows. Thin and poorly shaped eye brows are very aging. Most women who have let their eyebrows go over the years don’t realize how a full brow can take at least 10 years off. Get them waxed and tinted or better yet get microblading for a low maintenance solution.


These are just a few tips to anti-age with your makeup. For more instruction and tips on the rest of your look join us for our upcoming free class, based on the book “How to Not Look Old” by Charla Krupp.


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