Mega Volume. With the availability of a new super thin and lightweight .03 diameter lash, we can make big, fluffy volume fans that contain up to 15 lashes. Thats 15 lashes applied to one natural lash! These 15d fans are so light that they weigh no more than 1 Classic eyelash extension. So even women with thin and sparse lashes can support this deeply dark and soft looking lash style. This look is for the woman who wants more. More definition, drama and density, all while being light, fluffy and weightless. We have been working diligently at iCandy to perfect this technique. It requires the culmination of all your advanced skills as an artist to pull this off. Personally I love the challenge and so does my team of lash artists. We practice this technique daily. You can never be perfect at lashing but for us it’s fun to try!]]>