Hello my name is Melissa and I am the new powder brow technician and specialist at iCandy Lash Lounge. We all remember the very dark and very thin tattoo brows that became very popular in the 90s. Unfortunately, there are permanent side effects of this trend. Many of us plucked our eyebrows to oblivion and now our eyebrows are stuck in the 90s forever. 


Good news! Permanent makeup technology has come a long way! Powder brow is an amazing permanent makeup technique that creates natural and realistic brow results. The goal is always to enhance your natural brows and create the perfect brow for your face and bone structure. 


This technique varies from that of the traditional microblading service in the method and the final result it achieves. Unlike microblading, which manually creates hair strokes within the brow to fill in sparse areas with what looks like hair strokes, powder brow creates a much softer effect on the brows. The Powder brow technique leads to results that resemble that of soft makeup or when someone has filled in their natural brows with a brow pencil or brow powder. Can you imagine? Waking up with perfectly filled in brows everyday! This of course, is how the powder brow technique got its name. 


I am PHibrow trained and we use all top of the line Phibrow PMU equipment. Phi brow is a very reputable company known globally for their high standards and excellent training. If you have any further questions about the powder brow process please give us a call at the iCandy Lash Lounge, we would love to hear from you!





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