Our industry has had so many innovative changes in the 17 years I have been lashing. When I started lashes wayyy back we had one stick straight curl, 2 thicknesses and very limited training choices. It was a struggle to gain skill and make beautiful lashes. The few of us that persevered were rewarded with massive demand that came in and is still coming in.

There was recognition that this industry wasn’t going anywhere. It would grow by leaps and bounds caused a mind blowing number of lash products to be produced. Today, us lash artists enjoy a wide range of products, training and lash product companies to choose from.

One of these innovations are “pre-made” volume fans, which we use for our “Speedy” volume. ┬áThese were developed because the skill of handmade Volume lashes is an incredibly difficult and pre-mades are a shortcut to create the look that women are desiring for their lashes. Volume lashes are a “fan” of lashes attached to one natural lash to create a full, soft, dark and dense look.

Aren’t these pre-made fans the same anyway?

Not exactly. New innovations in the pre-made category make them an excellent choice for creating a soft, pretty set with less time and therefore we charge less for them. But they aren’t exactly the same as handmade.

So what ultimatly is the difference between handmade and pre-made Volume? Handmade volume has endless possibilities for creativity of the artists. Choices for creating custom sets for your client are almost endless. For the serious lash artists, hand-made Volume lashes are the ultimate challenge and the skill we show off the most. However, they will take more time to do properly and therefore cost more.

A pre-made or “Speedy” set will work for those wanting time and price economy and will be very satisfying for that client.

If you can find a really good lash artist that performs beautiful, real, hand-made Volume she will be tough to get in with and will cost a more. Or, you may be just as happy with a Speedy set. At iCandy, we can accommodate whatever works for your lash needs!

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