Eyelash extensions are wonderful. No matter what your natural lashes look like, lash artists can add curl and definition to the lash line. But what if you don’t have the time every two weeks for touch ups? What if you are so active with sports, hot yoga, etc. that you can’t retain the eyelash extensions very well.? And let’s face it, eyelash extensions are a commitment that not everyone wants to make.


So how to beautify our eyes with a less maintenance? Answer, Lash Lifts! I have seen the popularity of this service explode over the last six months and here is why;  lash lifts make natural lashes visible where they were once straight and not very visible. We have all probably tried the mechanical lash curler, which works great to get those lashes up and visible, giving us some glam. Then after about an hour that wonderful curl is gone and so is the glam look.


Lash lifts permanently curl natural lashes so that with a couple of strokes of mascara you get the wow look. With the lash lift, the lashes are tinted immediately post treatment to give them a darker appearance, so even when mascara isn’t worn there is a nice natural definition on the lash line. Clients who have incredible natural lashes will go from not so noticeable lashes to “wow!” eyelashes that get constant comments and compliments. The look lasts up to 6 weeks!  So you will only have to visit the salon again after a couple of weeks if you would like to refresh the black tint.


Not everyone is the best candidate for the lash lift. Ideally, your natural lashes are reasonably healthy and strong. It is also important to take care of your lashes post lift with special Keratin conditioners that are applied every day to keep the treated lashes strong and prevent lash shrinkage.


Give iCandy Lash Lounge a call today so we can set you up with this wonderful treatment. It takes about an hour and lasts up to 6 weeks. Most clients desire a reapplication of the black tint after 3 weeks, but this is still a very low maintenance solution for beautiful lashes. Incredibly, women have fallen in love with the lift as deeply as the extensions!


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