Sunless Tanning Service

Our sunless tans are fast-acting, all-natural solutions that are superior to our competition. Our airbrush tan is applied by our pro airbrush artists.  Our airbrush tans are flawless, long-lasting and never orange or unnatural looking. Each session takes about 30-45 minutes.



Our customized, full body airbrush tan that can be rinsed 4-8 hours after application

For best results, schedule mani/pedis, massages, and waxing procedures at least 24 hours before your tan. Having these services after the application of your tan will result in uneven and premature fading of the tan.

-Wash hair FIRST if desired, Shave legs, underarms, etc.

-Exfoliate AFTER shaving, conditioning hair, etc. using a pH-balanced, oil free scrub, Concentrating on rough areas at feet/ankles, elbows and knees. 


***If you do not have a pH-balanced, oil free scrub… We suggest using sugar with a little baking soda mixed in and use as a paste. Rub in circles to exfoliate, but no need to scrub too vigorously. DO NOT use a random soap you have in your shower as most of them will leave residue/oils that interfere with the development of sunless tanning solution. Seriously.. please don’t do it 😉


-Rinse sugar scrub or pH-balanced soap off well.

-Please refrain from wearing any lotions or perfumed products after your shower as these will interfere with the development of the sunless solution.

-Please also note that deodorant can leave a film, but we do offer pH-balanced wipes for underarms or face if coming from work, etc.

-Please make sure you wear or bring dark, loose clothing to wear home after your tan. Tight or restrictive apparel will damage your developing tan (Socks, boots, jeans, exposed elastic)

Some clients bring an old bathing suit, some wear their undergarments, and some go completely nude. If you do not want to go topless but want to avoid tan lines, stick-on bras are an option as well. You can find them at Walmart, Target, etc. For your convenience, disposable thongs are available at iCandy. Male clients must wear a thong or boxers during their tanning. Be assured that we are professionals and will make every effort to accommodate your needs and make you as comfortable as possible- no matter what you choose to wear.

Lip balm or lipstick is suggested before your tan and remember your umbrella for those rainy day appointments! Bring a towel (if desired) to lay on your car seats after your tan.

Be as careful as possible. No sweating, doing dishes, etc until after your first rinse. Your technician will advise you on when to do your first rinse. Some solutions can be rinsed as early as 2 hours after application, where some take 12 hours to fully develop. For your first rinse, avoid any shampoos or soaps as this can stop the development of your tan. The solution does continue to develop and darken over the next 24 hours, so don’t be alarmed if your tan seems light after rinsing. Your tan should last around 7 days depending on hydration, exfoliation, and individual body chemistry.