What if you could do something for yourself that took about 2 hours and made you look and feel 10 years younger? No surgery required. As a matter of fact, the experience is very relaxing and the moment you look in the mirror you fall in love with your eyes again. Wow! No product or treatment you have tried in the past can compare to the transformation you witness at that

moment. You are in love.


Yes, I am talking about a great set of eyelash extensions from a highly trained, thoughtful artist who knows just how to give you that open eyed youthful look you remember you always had.


Why exactly are eyelash extensions such a miracle treatment for mature eyes?


Well there are a number of things going on with mature eyes:




Sagging, hooded eyes


Hollowness from a loss of fat and collagen around the eye socket or bulging eyes


Loss of eyelash volume that makes mascara application a nightmare.


Mature eyes hate mascara for a number of reasons, including: it clumps on sparse lashes, it flakes into our eyes or on our face, we can’t wear it to the gym or to the beach or swimming and we are just sick of applying it every morning of our lives!


Defining the eyes with liners gives an unnatural “hard” look that can make you look older.


But a skilled lash artist has an arsenal of solutions to address all of these problems!


We can adjust the curl and length of lashes to “lift” sagging and drooping eyes.


With a well thought out and planned “lash map” we can bring the eyes forward or backwards, farther apart or closer in.  A lash map is a guide or plan of application to correct the signs of aging you want addressed.


We can solve the issue of hooded, tired looking eyes by adjusting the application of the eyelash extensions.  Eyelash extensions are not a one-size-fits-all service, they can be custom tailored to you and your specific concerns.  How fabulous it that?!


We add volume to fix sparse lashes, you can have the lashes you had 20 years ago or that you never had.  In fact, you can have lashes better than you’ve ever had in your life!


And you never have to wear mascara again. You might be thinking, really? Seems too good to be true. Not at iCandy. Our clients are typically 40+ and I train my artists to focus on designing a set of extensions for the clients that will solve the issues that our customers really care about. Not just sticking on a bunch of lashes, that’s not our style!