In the professional world of lash artistry there are currently two different options for lash techniques. The first is what most people are familiar with, the Classic lash style. This technique involves one eyelash extension adhered to one eyelash.

Within the last couple of years, a new technique started emerging from our friends in Russia who figured out a clever way to adhere 3-15 eyelashes made into a “fan”per one natural lash. This is referred to as Russian Volume Lashes. This technique of lashing requires a whole new skill set that is incredibly frustrating to learn and do well.


Unfortunately, in the lash world there are shortcuts being made to get around this difficult and highly skilled technique that can take years to master by doing what I call “fake” Volume lashes. So what do I mean by fake?


Volume lashes requires that an artist create a perfect fan that adheres properly to the natural lash. One must have advanced training and many many hours of practice to master this technique. The proper Volume lashes to use are of a thin diameter and very challenging to work with compared to classic lashes.

So “fake” Volume is when a technician simply grabs a chunk of lashes and places it onto one natural lash without any kind of fanning or advanced placement technique.  Often regular Classic lashes are used instead of the thin diameter lashes of a lighter weight. These heavier “lash chunks” are very bad for the natural lashes and you can be sure someone wearing these fake Volume lashes will soon not have many natural lashes to work with. They also look incredibly unnatural. Unbelievably, these technicians charge more for their “fake” volume service, when they aren’t really providing actual real Volume Lashes!

So, how can you tell if you’re getting the “real deal” Volume lashes. You can ask your lash artist where or who she trained with, and what diameter lash she’s using. A typical diameter for volume lashes is .05 to .07. Also, the length of the appointment for Volume lashes is longer. An initial full-set can take two and a half to three hours, and fill ins take an hour and a half.


Don’t be fooled by these technicians and their “shortcuts.” Real Volume lashes should be light, fluffy and look incredibly full yet natural. Don’t pay a higher price for what is ultimately a shortcut that will only look bad and damage your lashes.