Everyday I’m asked by potential clients if we use mink eyelash extensions here at iCandy Lash Lounge. My answer is always, “Heck No, we use  Faux!”

But seriously, there are so many beautiful, easy to work with, high quality synthetic lashes to choose from, there is simply no need to glue animal fur onto someone’s eyelash.

In reality, I can sense the confusion from these potential clients when I tell them that we only use faux mink and that 99.9% of salons also exclusively apply FAUX lashes.  Typically, I find they are convinced their extensions are real mink because they feel so soft, or they have been lead to believe their lashes are real mink by sly marketing, or they have been told by their lash artist they are mink, when they in fact are not real mink at all!

Some facts on mink extensions:  Real mink lashes are outrageously expensive and run a higher risk of an allergic reaction. Moreover, I’m not sure how they get the fur from these little creatures in the first place and I don’t want to know (because I am sure it is not pleasant, as I’ve never seen a mink willingly give up it’s fur). No stylist I know would support this practice.

I can see how consumers can be misguided about lash extension materials.  In the lash industry we have names for the types of synthetic (plastic) lashes that  mimic organic materials like, mink, silk, cashmere, sable, etc. So, when choosing your lashes a good lash stylist will  pick the style or “feel” of lashes that would best suit you. For instance, I choose “silk” lashes for my client Sarah, whose skin is very fair. The silk lash style is overall a bit thinner than the “mink” style lashes and gives a softer, subtler look next to her pale skin. However, for my more olive complexion client Linda who wants her lashes as dark as possible, I choose a faux mink or sable style for her lashes because the mink (style) lashes are darker and slightly thicker and give more impact.

So, for anyone concerned with the use of real mink in the US lash industry, do not worry.  The only animal fur we lash artists encounter in our lives is on our carpets from our beloved fury little friends.



Gini Dumers