every single day forever. Not to mention the time consuming morning process of curling the lashes and globing on layers of mascara, only to have it sitting on your face at the end of the day. Also, never go swimming or cry with mascara on, oh the horror! Eyelash extensions began in China. Some very brilliant person came up the idea to separate each individual natural eyelash and glue on a blacker, thicker, curlier “faux” eyelash extension. The result is thicker, dark, curlier lashes that look like the best mascara you’ve ever used in your life. They don’t fall off (if done properly, like at iCandy :-)) until that natural lash falls off. So you can swim, cry, sweat, sleep and do anything at all really and your eyes still look incredible. Its a woman’s beauty dream come true. You maintain them with regular “touch-ups” every 2-3 weeks to fill in the lashes that have fallen off naturally. Eyelash extensions have become so popular that these days innovations have been made so you can have a variety of options for the look you desire. For instance at iCandy, you can choose Classic (one eyelash to one natural lash) or Volume (several thin lashes to one eyelash) to create something from very natural to very dramatic. Whatever suits your personal style. So many women these days are choosing this carefree service to simplify their lives and make them feel beautiful. And you should too! Come get your new look at iCandy :-)]]>