Why Classic Lashes Are Making a Comeback


If the pandemic taught us anything, it’s probably that simplicity in life is good for us. We got the opportunity to step back and reevaluate our lives, deciding what was excessive and what could stay. Now many of us are moving forward post pandemic with a new understanding of life and with a minimalist attitude.

I’ve noticed a return to the good ole Classic lash style in the salon. Natural, simple, elegant and frankly, cheaper. Don’t get me wrong, the Volume styles are still loved by me and plenty of clients. But many that are returning after not having lashes for a long time are opting for the simple, beautiful and original Classic lash that we as artists started with. One eyelash extension to one natural lash.

Honestly, I had forgotten how versatile and amazing you can be as an artist with these Classic lashes. At iCandy we have a full arsenal of curls, thicknesses, mapping styles, colors and fullness levels in this style. So we can make any style desire or budget happy with the Classic lash style. I built my business with Classic lashes and they are just as transformative as the volume lash styles can be.

So I celebrate this return to the Classics. We could all benefit from a simpler, more minimalist lifestyle these days, do you agree?

We offer Classic Full Sets or Classic Lite. We can also mix Classics with Volume for our “Hollywood Hybrid” Sets. We customize these sets to your particular eye and face shape for lashes that are truly a cut above any other salon   🙂