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What happens to the beauty industry in bad times?

By September 28, 2022 November 28th, 2022 No Comments

During the Great Depression there were some top products that people could not bear to be without. What was one of these top selling products? Lipstick. Women were unwilling to give up beauty habits that made them feel a little better and less depressed. This has been the case throughout many bad times till now.

I personally built my business during the 2008 crash when there really wasn’t much positivity in the world. Sounds silly I know but my clients would tell me their lashes were one thing that helped them feel better and keep going. I was really glad I could give them that. They say the beauty industry is just shallow but I disagree. The comrodery shared between a stylist and her loyal clients is special and not just about money. It’s about a feeling, a special exchange.

I’m not worried about the coming challenges. I will always have my skill and the ability to create beauty. That’s what its all about anyway…