The are some ways to save money on your lash habit. The biggest reasons we see lashes not lasting and needing touch ups more often are client aftercare and how they treat their lashes. We constantly preach about the need to wash your lashes. This is a very simple step that will help lashes stay better by removing natural oils that collect on the base and break down the adhesive.

The best retention I see is clients that wear very little makeup on their eyes and oil free products around the eye, as well as oils free foundations. Once again, oils breakdown the integrity of the adhesive and lashes will not stay if this collects on the lashes.

Never put mascara on the lashes! The whole point of the lash extensions is to not have to wear mascara. Yet you would be surprised by how many clients still use it on their extensions. Sure enough, lash extensions will do terribly if you choose to use mascara on them.

Be on time for your touchup! The later you are for your appointment the less lashes you will get. If the lash artist is rushing, the quality and fullness of your extensions will suffer. Get the most out of your appointment by being on time.

Make sure lashes are squeaky clean for your touchup appointment. A clean natural lash will hold the extension nicely. But if lashes are dirty it will impede attachment and they won’t last as long.

Book more time if you are behind. If the lashes have not done well, book more time so your artist can catch up. When more lashes are applied initially, the lashes will be better for the next touchup and fullness will be maintained.