Lash services are similar to hair services. You can go to Fantastic Sam’s or Quick Cuts where the service cost is very cheap but most likely you get a very basic service with a person fresh out of Cosmetology school. Lashes are very similar. The “chain” places that have popped up in great numbers recently offer a very basic service with most likely an inexperienced, under paid technician. I have seen the most horrific to tolerable work come from these places to my salon. Often clients come to get those lashes removed and fresh set applied correctly.

At my salon for instance, all of my technicians are highly trained and will have years of experience or have apprenticed under me, the master stylist until I sign them off.

Differences in our work include:

Guaranteed outcome (we will fix anything the client is unsatisfied with)

Customized look FOR THE CLIENT, which means we assess your unique features and advise on the best set of lashes that will work with your own natural lashes. Shape, length and weight are extremely important considerations for the best outcomes. So if you go to a lash place and they give you are menu with pictures and cute names to choose from I would not go with this salon.

We don’t charge by the lash. I don’t understand salons that do this. What if 20 lashes doesn’t achieve the look the client wants? We charge by time and you get as many lashes as we can apply in that time. More time equals fuller higher quality lashes, very simple.

We verse on aftercare and give after care kits with all full sets. I have had clients come to me from other salons that have been getting lashes for years who never knew they were supposed to clean their lashes! We understand lashes and long term maintenance and help you get to a place where you achieve maximum retention and the proper touch up schedule.

We have better retention. Part of the apprenticing process involves a lot of training on how to achieve the best retention for clients. It is not an easy thing to do. But great retention means clients spend less on touch ups and fixes.

These a just a few things that a higher end salon offers. So hope this helps in making the best decision for your lashes!