Brazilian Wax

Brazilian Wax Service

At Icandy Lash Lounge, we understand that Brazilian waxing can be an intimidating experience for many people. That’s why our skilled technicians take the time to ensure your comfort and safety throughout the process. Our Brazilian waxing service removes all hair from the pubic area, leaving you with a smooth and clean finish that lasts for weeks. We use high-quality wax and follow strict hygiene protocols to ensure a clean and sanitary experience. Our team is dedicated to providing personalized service and making you feel comfortable throughout the entire process. Come visit us for a professional Brazilian wax that will leave you feeling confident and refreshed.

Brazilian Wax


Take it all off or leave a strip. Our advanced waxer is fast and efficient



Yep. We do this too. Cleanses, exfoliate and treat ingrown hairs. Also includes a special jelly mask

Brazillian Wax with Vajacial


Combine your wax with a Vajacial in the same treatment