Brazilian Waxing: Frequently Asked Questions Answered

Brazilian waxing is a popular hair removal method that has been gaining popularity over the years. Despite its popularity, many people still have questions about this beauty treatment. In this blog post, we will answer some of the most frequently asked questions about Brazilian waxing.   What is a Brazilian wax? A Brazilian wax is […]

Introducing Our Exciting New Services: Elevate Your Experience Today!

iCandy Lash Lounge is excited to announce the addition of three new services to our lineup – Brazilian waxing, eyebrow threading, and dermaplaning. We understand that our clients have a range of beauty needs and we want to make sure we’re providing a comprehensive list of services to meet those needs. Brazilian waxing is a […]

Why is there so much variation in lash extension pricing?

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Lash services are similar to hair services. You can go to Fantastic Sam’s or Quick Cuts where the service cost is very cheap but most likely you get a very basic service with a person fresh out of Cosmetology school. Lashes are very similar. The “chain” places that have popped up in great numbers recently […]

Lash Lifts, the new thing!

What is a lash lift? Well, it’s a perm for your lashes. That’s right, you can permanently curl or rather “lift” your eyelashes! By using the same process that hair stylists use to chemically treat hair, we have special chemicals just for lifting eyelashes. After the treatment, you are able to throw away your lash […]

How to save money on your lash habit

The are some ways to save money on your lash habit. The biggest reasons we see lashes not lasting and needing touch ups more often are client aftercare and how they treat their lashes. We constantly preach about the need to wash your lashes. This is a very simple step that will help lashes stay […]

What happens to the beauty industry in bad times?

During the Great Depression there were some top products that people could not bear to be without. What was one of these top selling products? Lipstick. Women were unwilling to give up beauty habits that made them feel a little better and less depressed. This has been the case throughout many bad times till now. […]

Why Classic Lashes Are Making a Comeback

Why Classic Lashes Are Making a Comeback   If the pandemic taught us anything, it’s probably that simplicity in life is good for us. We got the opportunity to step back and reevaluate our lives, deciding what was excessive and what could stay. Now many of us are moving forward post pandemic with a new […]

What Makes a Master Stylist?

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Something has been driving me crazy lately. Clients will chat with me about how they were shopping around before choosing my salon and they mention the big box (chain) salons offering their “master” stylist for an upgraded price. While this pricing structure is common in the lash industry, the term “master” is abused by these […]